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I promise to PPN: Helping Others
Recognition for Creative Expression

Interview with Jeanne Toni Breland
by Lizzy Larson, Consultant and Reporter

Toni has recently transplanted to the gloriously beautiful island of Saint John in the US Virgin Islands. We were introduced at a local business event on the island, and I was fascinated with her brief synopsis of her story. I had to find out more about her and her achievements. I was curious about her background and what her plans were for the future.

We arranged to meet at her mountaintop villa overlooking the tranquil turquoise bay. As I drove up the steep narrow driveway to her home, I was struck with the gorgeous landscaping which was comprised of a riot of shades of reds, pinks and purples. The impressive home was a 9,000 square foot villa with 5 bedrooms. I met her on the terrace where she had an inviting delightful salmon lunch prepared for our enjoyment. We savored the aroma of the spices as we toasted our flutes of champagne. We were both dressed in casual attire of shorts and sparkly tops. The weather was a perfect blend of sunshine, brilliant blue skies, huge puffy white clouds, soft breezes and mid 80 degree temperatures. It was such a delightful tranquil time which made us both feel peaceful, relaxed and contented. The vista brought us joy as we looked at the mountains and the sea with its myriad of vessels upon it. The infinity pool and spa bubbled in contentment.

Our conversation was animated as we discussed our lives. I asked her about her life’s journey, how far she had come and how far she still wanted to go. What were her burning desires, dreams and goals. What was so important to her that she had to accomplish it every day. She talked about developing and maintaining a positive mindset. True human connection was most important by building relationships with love, trust, a sense of belonging and feeling safe with her. She recognized the accomplishments of others and cheered them on. She believed in personal growth and development. She encouraged people to pursue their own dreams and be their own hero by being the butterfly, changing, struggling, overcoming obstacles and finally emerging into a beautiful creature taking flight. Her philosophy was to be a lifelong learner, be enthusiastic about what you do and be as supportive as you can to other people. She believed if you give more, you get more.

She manifested her dreams into reality and received the home of her dreams located exactly where she envisioned it. Her abundant income of about 5 million a year through her networking business allowed her time freedom, health freedom and money freedom. At the age of 74, she has traveled to over 50 countries. Her next trip is a 75 day cruise around the world on or before her 75th birthday.

It was a distinct pleasure getting to know the latest resident of Saint John. I look forward to developing this relationship further and becoming forever friends with her. Her plans include giving of herself and her resources to the local inhabitants. Please welcome her into your lives.

Meet Toni Breland

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