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This is the Jenifer Hudson Show. I am interviewing LaDonna Jordon. This young lady has an incredible story to tell regarding persistence and making her dreams of success manifest into her life. Please welcome LaDonna Jordon onto the stage.

Jennifer: Hi LaDonna, welcome to the show.

LaDonna: Thank you so much for having me. I honored to be here.
Jennifer: LaDonna tell me how were you able to become a successful online business woman, set up a non-profit organization helping homeless women, and become a major financial contributor for funding education for children in Africa, Asia and Russia?

LaDonna: Well Jennifer, I learned through persistent hard work, effort and a positive mindset that anything is possible and within our reach. I have had major challenges in my life that I overcame. I have not had a lot of cheerleaders in my corner. I somehow felt I was different form others was younger. I thought differently and always imagined myself successful even in the worst conditions. I thought of how my life would be and eventually, it happened. I am living my dreams. I have the time and money to travel where ever I want. I am able to give freely without worries. I live on a quiet peaceful 7 acre land on a hill which has a beautiful view. There is security, safety and away from crowds of traffic and people. I live around nature which always makes me feel grounded and safe. I have two cats and a puppy. I have one luxury truck, one car for travelling, and another truck just because I want it. My online e-commerce business allows me to work anywhere I want which brings me profits of $50,000 monthly. I am truly blessed. I consider myself a winner. A winner that has overcame many obstacles and has never given up. I visualize the life and things that I want with emotion and clarity. I say to anyone watching that you to can have your dreams manifested such as I did.

Jennifer: Thank you LaDonna. The information is on the screen. I highly recommend you contact this young lady for real results.

Meet LaDonna Jordan

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  • Yes, Ladonna, anything is possible and within our reach, Congratulations on your success. You have a cheerleader in me!

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