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I’m here with Laura in her beautiful, 18th century stone manor house in the english countryside. It’s a chilly, cloudy March afternoon in 2029. We are posted up in the living room, next to the fireplace. Laura’s butler, Dev, with his cute lil cherub cheeks, has brought our afternoon tea. The big, glass doors to the garden are open and one can hear the faint sound of the lily pond and fountain. Pretty outdoor lights illuminate the dark day, bringing some cheer. `

Me: Hi, Laura! Tell me a little story about your journey.

Laura: I guess I just decided to go on a new one! You know instead of my pre-destined path of self destruction. I woke up. I decided that I wanted to keep singing, and write music and play instruments, make art. I stopped listening to the inner voices that were bringing me down. Got to know me and to love me, and stopped comparing myself to anyone. That’s what breathed new life into me. I like bring people together and being of service too. I love being in love. Being really successful is just the icing on the cake. And not gonna lie.. Lots of money, multiple homes, cars and world travel is pretty fu***n cool. Feels amazing to be a baller. Ask anyone.

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  • Hi Laura, It’s great that you have truly found your bliss in creating “singing, and write music and play instruments, make art”. A big accomplishment, you’re doing wonderful.

  • Laura, when you decided to stop listening to others is a big step to becoming the self-directed thinker you are meant to be. Congrats! 🙂

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