MKE Continuation and Lifetime Membership

Continuation insiders enjoy lifetime access to the MKE members areas. That means total access to new tools, resources, focus groups and software upgrades.  And they get to retake the entire course as often as they want.

Imagine the lifetime of excitement our members experience with peers who graduated in previous years and years yet to come. Access to unlimited growth potential!


Members who finish the Master Key Experience have the opportunity to join as a Lifetime Member. During Continuation, there is more material to present and special mini-classes to add to their knowledge, and they gain more tools for their quest.

For these folks, the MKE has become a lifestyle. They have learned valuable principles and created simple habits that have propelled them in the direction of their goals, their dharma, their bliss! Why would they want to stop now? They don’t have to! There is no graduating from the MKE – the learning goes on for a lifetime!

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Continuation Posts

Mike Sambuco

I enrolled as a life member. It was a quick and easy no-brainer. Can’t beat a deal like that! (Now, should I go on to become certified as a guide?) Realized that “I always keep my promises” has become very important

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Leonard Diana

This virtue is a bit uncomfortable for me, in a religious setting, so I’m using it in a spiritual setting. Without getting into depths of my religious vs spiritual views and practices, I decided to do a little research in what

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Diane Svab

I never heard of MKE (Master Key Experience) until a very good friend, Shirley Koritnik, shall I say pushed me” to sign up. When I paid my dollar I had no idea what I was getting into. In the beginning, I

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Mike Sambuco

The big news today is the major business obstacle I previously mentioned reversed and came into agreement today (insert cheers and rejoicing here!) and I immediately began pursuing funding for my new venture. It’s looking good so far. Hopefully, I can

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