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I never heard of MKE (Master Key Experience) until a very good friend, Shirley Koritnik, shall I say pushed me” to sign up.

When I paid my dollar I had no idea what I was getting into.

In the beginning, I was so overwhelmed and kept asking myself why did I agree to do all this work. Then I realized I had a choice – I could change my thinking and go through life in the driver’s seat or sit in the back seat – kicking and screaming all the way.

I always knew I wasn’t like everyone else and I had been searching for “something” for a very long time so I decided to continue with the MKE course.

I mentally quit every other week. I must admit it was very challenging to stay on track and “do the work.” I was not 100% compliant. I did the program about 75% of the time – skipping some of the exercises and not being consistent every day with others. However, quitting wasn’t an option. I am so glad I finished the course and graduated. What an accomplishment!! Time to celebrate ME!

What I learned is invaluable. I learned not to criticize myself for what I didn’t do and celebrate myself for what I did do. I changed my “victim story”. And I began to serve others. I learned to give more, get more among many other things. I decided I deserve a great life and I am nature’s greatest miracle. I know I am Divinely guided to be the best version of myself.

I am excited about a life that is filled with unlimited possibilities. I learned to appreciate myself, others and all that surrounds me. Gratitude and kindness are amazing. I realized I possess so many positive virtues.

Life is a journey and I am so grateful to be on the right path for me as I learn more about becoming a self-directed thinker. And the cement is being chipped away.

I know the program works. Part of my DMP (definite major purpose) is to rent a beach house on Wrightsville Beach in Wilmington, NC for a month before 9/30/23. “As I experience the sounds and smells of the beach I feel blissfully peaceful and calm.” This has been on my bucket list for years but has never worked out. I was in Wilmington last week visiting my son. During my sit I was thinking about the beach house. I heard a whisper telling me “to do the action and I will do the rest.”

Needless to say, I did the action and everything fell into place better than I could have ever planned – Amazing!! I will be spending the 1st two weeks in September in a beautiful condo right on Wrightsville Beach, NC!!! I am grateful to MKE and so glad I stayed in the Driver’s seat!!!

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  • Enjoyed reading your post and related to it as I am new to the MKE had no idea what it was all about and then wanted to quit every day just about, but haven’t. It is slowly seeping into my cells and being and becoming something I look forward to. Thank you and Congrats on your beach house!

  • your story has filled me with so much Hope as I am only just starting my MKE journey.. thanks for sharing and Im so happy for you! xxx

  • Mahalo for a great read Diane and I’m glad you’re driving too!

  • “I changed my “victim story”. And I began to serve others” – this is incredible, Diane!! Bravo, and welcome to the new you!

  • Diane, I’m so proud of you for all you’ve accomplished. You did the work, and in this amazing 26-week course, you are DRIVING your life where YOU want it to go! I am celebrating for you, dear one!

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