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My name is Leonard Diana, or better known and preferred as Len.
Date of current life birth: December 25, 1963
Born in Manchester, CT Currently reside in Hartford, CT

Education: I graduated with a BFA n Graphic Design, University of Connecticut (Go Huskies!). Law of Attraction certificate, Relationships certificate, Strategic Attraction and Training certificates, Reiki Energy certificates Level 1 – Master Teacher, Sound Healing certificate, ADWF Wheelchair Dance- Bronze level.

Occupation: I am fortunate to have two PASSIONS- 1) Owner operator of An Infinite Abundance, LLC. I offer Reiki Energy services, EFT/Tapping services, Personal/Business Development Education, Essential Oils, and Home & Business services. 2) I am a DanceSport Official- officiate ballroom dance competitions throughout the US. A Universal Minister. I also have a part-time j.o.b. as a retail product resetter at a local supermarket. I worked as an Ophthalmic Assistant/Technician for 20 years.

Family: I am married to my wife, Dawn. We’ll be celebrating our 29th anniversary on Oct. 16. We have two dogs, Primrose, an 8-y.o. Lab/Pitt mix and Olive, a 4-y.o. Cattledog/Shepherd mix. I have my mom and two sisters; my dad has passed. I have brothers and sisters-in-laws. Both of my in-laws have passed. Our first dog, Aurora, had passed.

Interests: My wife and I are former amateur competitors, competed in over 200 competitions in 20 years, garnering state, regional, and national championships. We retired and became officials. Meditation, reading/audio listening, personal development, wine tasting, cooking, traveling, spiritualism, networking, paranormal investigating, and spending time with family and friends.

My favorite vacations include Italy — Rome/Florence/Venice — along with day side trips (our honeymoon) and London/Scotland, where we visited London for a few days, took a train to Edinburgh, rented a car, and drove up the east coast, through the Highlands, and down the west coast, visiting many castles and landmarks along the way. We also enjoyed long weekends with friends in Montreal and Quebec City. My favorite long weekend anniversary spot is in Ogunquit, ME.

My goals and dreams: To do what I want, when I want, where I want, how I want, and with whom I want, being “The Autoimmune Reiki Guy”, Getting my Tesla, organizer/partner of a DanceSport competition, owner of a winery/vineyard, a “Retreat House” on the Marginal Way in Ogunquit, to build partnerships with Holistic/Alternative professionals to help 1,111,111,111+ people globally, and take down Big Pharma.

Volunteer & Memberships: I have volunteered for several not-for-profit companies and events, such as USABDA/USA Dance (also was newsletter editor, treasurer, VP, and co-President- CT Chapter), The Children’s Museum, Easter Seals, Boys & Girls Clubs of Hartford, West Hartford Chamber of Commerce, Avon/Canton Chamber of Commerce (I’m also of the BOD), Ron Foley Pancreatic Cancer Foundation, Real Men Wear Pink, Friends of Feeney, Serenity Grove Wellness Center, and others.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed learning about me, getting a glimpse of who I am.

Meet Leonard Diana

Leonard is from Hartford, CT, a Reiki Master Teacher/Holistic Practitioner, helping people feel and get better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  His second passion is dance and officiating at ballroom dance competitions.  As a Heart-Centered Yellow/Blue, he loves spending time with family, friends, and colleagues, and  is enjoying the Master Keys Experience.

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  • Sounds like you would be hard to keep up with. I like your thinking that there are better ways than “Big Pharma” has to offer.

  • Thank you for sharing (parts of?) your life Len! I enjoyed reading about all those things you already have engaged yourself in.

  • Wow, Len! What an exciting life you have had thus far! I love ballroom dancing. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  • Len, thank you for sharing your biography with all of us. I am honored to know and get a glimpse of you. Keep up the great work.

  • Yes, Len, I got to know you a lot through this “About Me”introduction. It seems like that you’ve lived quite a full life. I’m looking forward to seeing this MKE journey adds to and enhance your life journey even more meaningful and powerful.

  • Hi Len, It’s always nice to meet a fellow Dancer and someone passionate about natural healing. I enjoyed reading about you and getting to know you better.

  • WoW… Dancers. Plus, alot more. Good to know a snippet about you. Looking forward to following your journey.

  • You’ve amassed a mountain of experiences! But the best is yet to come! Happy to know more about you!

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