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My name is Ann-Charlotte. I live in a small village, called Glanshammar, in the heart of southern SwEden. Together with my mother and my family, I own and manage one of our country’s oldest family homesteads. My two, now adult children, are the 15th generation in direct descending line from our ancestor who was born here 1490. Having the opportunity to evolve our legacy, by loving and caring for this magical place, is an invaluable gift and at the same time a great responsibility as it affects so many people – in endless ways.

I have a PhD in papillomavirus genetics and gene expression from University of Uppsala where I defended my dissertation in 1993. After ten years of experiencing the insides of the biomedical/pharmaceutical industry I had enough and quit my career as a research scientist 1995. It was one of the most difficult choices in my life. Fear, desperation and serious mental and physical dis-ease forced me to finally begin to choose myself. My soul and my heart urged me into a whole new world, that of healing, enlightenment, as well as the yogic and ayurvedic sciences.

Since 1995 I have worked with individual clients, given workshops and talks on how to consciously design great lives for ourselves, mainly focusing on the topic of optimal health and regeneration. Meanwhile I have healed myself from several in-curable diseases such as many different allergies, asthma, migraines, IBS, epilepsy, Alopecia universalis (total hair loss), but also some serious mental problems. I suffered from severe social fobia, PTSD, depression and was suicidal for years. I have experienced three NDEs and many OBEs. I searched high and low to re-member how to co-create an outrageously wonderful and fulfilled life for myself and my extended human family, a search that has resulted in having lived and worked in eight different countries on three different continents.

Today I am happy to say that I have learned how to love myself, the greatest lesson ever. These days I spend a lot of my time gardening and caring for the farm, guiding and serving people by offering coaching and healing services, moreover, I give talks and present enriching creative events and workshops for, and together with, my beloved community and soul family.

Today I begin a new life.

Meet Ann-Charlotte Stewart

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  • Yes, today you do begin a new life. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and biography with us. It is truly insightful and beautiful at the same time. Keep up the great work. Let your light shine fully every day.

  • Ann-Charlotte, thank you for sharing your life journey this far and so excited that you are now part of our MKE community. Can’t wait to see how this MKE journey will add to and enhance your beautiful life even more in a way unimaginable!

  • Glad to meet you via your About Me post. Looking forward to where this path of your journey takes you. Glad you are here.

  • Thank you so much for sharing your life story, Ann-Charlotte. It’s so interesting and I’m glad we have connected thru the MKE. I’m looking forward to follow you on your journey with the MKE and all of us.

  • Miss Ann-Charlotte, it’s wonderful to read you are creating a new life day by day and helping others. Keep up the good work for you and others.

  • So very nice to meet you, Ann-Charlotte. Welcome to the Master Key Experience. Can’t wait to see what you do with all these new days you’re experiencing!

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