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It matters a great deal to Wanda K Robinson that everyone she meets has the opportunity to better themselves in health and in wealth.

Yes, Wanda gets paid for providing supplements and offering a home-based business but to her it’s the rewards of seeing someone being able to do things they hadn’t done in years, to gain back the ability to remain healthy for years to come.

Wanda listens and after hearing the cry for help she asks one simple question which is “Do you want to do something about that?”

She doesn’t pressure anyone but offers a solution to those who do want to do something about it, rather it is health or wealth.

She allows them to educate themselves by sharing the facts about her products and business, asking them to do their own due diligence and take their time.

She always encourages others to be their best and sees the best in others.

Wanda demands honesty and helps others to realize that being dishonest is the devil doing its dirty work.

“Family and friends are 1st priorities, education, understanding, being there for others are driving forces that make one act in a way that God asks” quote Wanda.

The United States is Wanda’s homeland born and raised in mid states she now lives in the northern parts of Idaho where she plans to remain.

Eager to take on the world, keeping it clean, respecting the flag, honoring those who give their lives to keep freedom and giving support to the United States doing her best to buy USA products, and visiting all the states is one area that is her idea of giving back.

Wanda said, “See trash, pick it up and throw it away, is another way of helping to Keep America Great.”

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  • Unless I’m first on the scene, there’s a very good chance that you will be, Wanda. I have yet to encounter a blog with any activity where you haven’t left your mark. Talley ho! Ms. Wanda. Tally ho! 🙂

  • What a pleasure it is to meet you, Wanda. Thanks for being such a beacon of positivity with all the other Members’ blogs. You are appreciated.

  • A beautiful insight into you and who you are Wanda. Thanks for sharing your bio with all of us. Keep it up.

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