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My name is Tuan Tran. I was born in Vietnam and emigrated to the US exactly 30 years ago when I was 18 years old. I went back to 10th grade to study English, graduated high school and went to college. I am now a realtor working in Boston, Massachusetts. I am taking care of my mother who is 88 years old. She is full of life and enthusiasm. I have learned a lot from my mother on how to live life to the fullest. I have a cat named Nova. Fun fact: His real name is Casanova, but we shortened it to Nova. I am obsessed with golf. I can cook an All-American Thanksgiving dinner, Chinese, Italian, Thai, and Vietnamese. I like to enjoy food from many nationalities and cultures including French, Caribbean, Spanish, Portuguese, Cuban, Mexican, Greek, Israeli, Turkish, Ethiopia, and many more. I like to travel, too.

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  • Love your energy and enthusiasm! Keep it up you have a lot of life to live ; just like mother dearest!

  • I love the added information you have on your About Me page in addition to your About Me/Week 3 post. You are maneuvering through this website with great strides. I look forward to reading more articles that you publish here on your website.

  • It sounds like you’re a good guy to have around when hungry, Tuan. Good job getting your “About me” page published! 🙂

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