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If I were an animal, I would be a chameleon—expert at blending in and transforming to fit the environment. So writing a bio about me is quite challenging, as I am just now beginning to ask the questions to discover my authentic self and who I really am. This is why I am here in MKE.

I currently live near Philadelphia where I was born and raised, but I also lived in Rhode Island and Florida. I love being outside in nature, where I feel closest to God. I also love to travel, dance, belly laugh to stand up comedy, and curl up to a great novel.

I have three daughters who have been my sense of purpose and source of joy for 22 years. Now that they are in college and beginning their own lives, I am ready to start my next chapter, focusing on discovering my dharma.

I loved living in Florida, where my daughters were born, and never intended to leave, but a nasty divorce and custody battle made it necessary to return to PA where I had family support. Ever since then I have been in survival mode, focusing on my daughters and doing whatever it took to protect them and give them a sense of normalcy which they deserved. They are amazing young women, and being their mom will always be my crowning achievement.

Now it’s my time, and I am ready to do the work and put self-doubt on the shelf once and for all.

Meet Stefanie Hoffa

Stefanie is from SE Pennsylvania, a mother of three girls in college, who has a passion for helping women overcome their past and BECOME the women they were meant to be. She has a passion for health and wellness and loves spending time outdoors on the motorcycle with her fiance, Jake. Although a predominant Red who loves progress, Stefanie thinks of herself more as a "Purple" as she is almost as equally a Blue who values deep relationships with a splash of Yellow who loves to have fun, especially dancing!

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  • I fully expected “Meet Stefanie Hoffa” to say, “Meet the NEW Stefanie Hoffa!” You’ve got me convinced, for that’s exactly what I would do! 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing Stefanie, I believe you will make great progress toward not only discovering your dharma, but living it.

  • So glad you made the decision to join MKE this year, Stefanie! It’s nice to get to know you better!

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