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Health & Wellness Coach, animal rights advocate, environmentally conscious and energy practitioner. I also love gemstones and have a fabulous collection! I am artsy as well, I make orgonite jewelry, orbs and pyramids with gemstones & emf protection. I also like to draw and paint when I get the chance. My favorite Mantra is;
~All of Life Comes to me with Ease, Joy and Glory.

My friends have said they wish they were more like me, because, if I decide I want to just move someplace, I do. I pack up and move, whether it be to a new community or a different Province, I just go. Currently, I live in a suburb just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In fact, I just recently moved back to B.C. from Saskatchewan… But, I go where my soul decides it wants to go. Like in 2000, I received a job opportunity in Calgary, Alberta, Canada so, I packed up and left Beautiful B.C. and headed to Calgary with my 4 pets, my truck and a couple of suitcases with my clothes. I did the same thing 4 years ago, except to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

I like to travel, I like to meet new people and in my line of work, I can pretty much set up anywhere and work on-line or in person. I love what I do, and I know, there is always room to become a better version of myself.

Which is why I am taking the MKMMA Course, I am now ready to get serious and take my life and my Soul’s Ultimate Purpose to the next levels and be the best version of me.

I always seem to start strong right out of the gate with good intentions, then, life, friends, pets, life… get in the way and I start to falter. Now it is getting serious, I am serious about changing my life and my habits. I am changing my blueprint, out with the old, in with the NEW ME!!! and I welcome her with open arms, it is week 5 and yes, I have had a few challenges, but, I’m getting back on track and staying the course. 21 more weeks to go!

What could be better than this?


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