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Hey, let me start by introducing myself:
I’m a minister, father, grandfather, friend, philosopher, author, writer, and multiple business owner.

I transitioned from law enforcement and corrections after a spinal injury to me from my love of law and justice. For nearly a decade and a half I had to find who I was, the new me that was presented after that life changing injury… and it was my faith that grew and turned me to health and wellness. And that’s my new love, helping others become a better or the best version of themselves!!

My hobbies include bow hunting and enjoying what nature has to entertain us. Watching the universe and all those various things that occupy it with us humans.
German Shepherd breeding is also a passion that I’ve come to be great at, all but eliminating various hereditary issues through research and proper breeding ethics and techniques.

I’ve got to a point that I desire a little more out of myself and have begun to seek what it is that’s deep inside and how to find it… enter MKE….

Until we meet again,
Live well,
Be well,
And Do well.

Rev Drew Timm

Meet Andrew Timm

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  • Thank you for sharing about you, Drew! Looking forward to seeing your inner true self evolving more and more and shine brighter and brighter as you seek and find what it’s deep inside.

  • Drew, it’s your freedom to be well! Live your best life and create your life by design….happy you are with us in this MKE journey ! Keep up your faith and keep on moving forward.

  • Awesome ‘About Me’ Andrew. You have an interesting life, and it is getting more interesting by the week:)

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