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My name is Donna Johnson, I am an entrepreneur and philanthropist.

One of the most amazing relationships I have is with my granddaughter LilyBelle. Feel like she gave me a reason live. I had been home bound for some years; just getting out to work. I was dealing with osteoarthritis in both hips, I weighed 400 and I had other health issues. I was part of Master Key Experience when she was born; and my pivotal personal needs were autonomy and true health. I remember looking out my poster board on several occasions wondering how I was going to get there; then covid happened and I lost my job. Lol! You ask me, I think God really has a sense of humor. I lost my job, got insurance and money flowed in, more than when I was working. I took almost 2 years off and my only job was my health. Today, I have two new hips and I’m down 160 pounds. What an awesome feeling to go play the park with Lily and so much more.

While I was off, I started a non-profit Let’s Leave a Legacy. The goal of my organization is to provide a safe place for school aged children to go after school, providing tutoring, after school programs such as theater, dance, sewing, and so much more. Until I get my building to house Let’s Leave a Legacy, I will partner with other non-profits to raise funds for programs. I want to provide scholarships for school and college. She gives me a reason to keep going.

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  • Thanks Cindy, I are such a great guide and I appreciate how encouraging you always are to me!

  • Nice to meet you, Donna. Isn’t it amazing how you have already come to know that positive things can come from negative circumstances? That’s a powerful tool in your pocket!

  • Thank you for sharing about your self, I too know now I am at my ideal weight and strive to be the best when it comes to true health and legacy!

  • Donna, what a beautiful testimony you have! God does take care of you and provide for you beyond your imagination, right? I can’t wait to see your DMP coming into fruition through this MKE journey.

  • seconding Loren Donna and wow !! amazing to read about your entrepreneurship and philanthropy in action. REally looking forward to reading about your MKE adventure as it unfolds for you during this 6 months.
    &… welcome back 🙂

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