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Hello Everyone. Dirk Leverant from Scottsdale, Arizona here. I was born and raised in Phoenix, so I am still pretty close to home. I am married the love of my life, Amy, in 1991. We met in 1984, began dating in 1985, and have been together ever since. We have two grown sons who are out of the nest, creating their own lives.

I know everyone here will have a unique background, but I think mine is just a little odd. I grew up in a family that cherished education, and as the oldest child, I was set on that path with great gusto. I excelled in school, and eventually found my way to medical school. Once there, I figured out that I did not want to be a doctor. (That kind of sucks. I mean getting there took a bit of work.) But hey, I had to complete the schooling, right?

Once I was done with medical school, and had also finished my internship, I did the only logical thing for someone in my position. I went to law school. (Did I mention that education was highly valued in my family?) For 30 years, I worked first as an attorney specializing in medical issues, and then as a consultant helping lawyers understand and prepare medical cases. But that was never really a passion. It was a job, or it was an obligation, but it was not a source of pride, happiness or fulfilment.

Eventually I did find a calling that I found fulfilling. I discovered a network marketing company in the health and wellness world. That opportunity was perfect for me. It allowed me to utilize my education and actually help people with their health issues. (While I did not like the medical world, I truly loved helping people. It just seemed to me that medicine had become nothing more than big business, and I was not comfortable there.)

My friends, many from the professional world of doctors and lawyers, think I am joking when I tell them that I would have skipped the medical and legal education, had I known how fulfilling the network marketing world was. But in truth, I would have done just that. I find that I am able to help more people now than I was ever able to help as a “professional.” And I love how that makes me feel.

On another note, a little about me that isn’t as odd as my “professional” background: I love to cook. I consider the kitchen my little lab, where I can create anything I can dream up. I even like shopping for the ingredients to make my creations. There is something remarkably satisfying about providing a meal for friends, and watching them devour what I have made. I also love animals, dogs in particular. I can feel my stress melt away, when a dog drops his head on my lap, and asks to be scratched behind his ears.

I hope you enjoyed reading a bit about me, and I cannot wait to learn about you.

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  • So amazingly crazy line of events getting you to where you are today. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your journey.

  • My pleasure, Dirk. The good news is that with diligence and perseverance, you find your best.

  • Hey Pammy. Would love to hear more about your journey. Looks like you figured it out faster than I did.

  • It is a pleasure to meet you, Dirk. Yup, I share the med school diversion although not into law (however, I worked for many). Education was uber important for my family as well. Hence, Harvard. It’s nice to know that we ended up following our heart’s desire to help others.

  • Thank you Dirk for sharing your Bio with all of us. I know quite a few people with a similar professional background as you who found that what they studied is not really what they were passionate about. Thank you for this very enriching blog. Keep up the great work you are doing in the MKE and let your light shine brightly.

  • I’ve been through an elimination because of sensitivities for almost one year. Truth is — I don’t miss most of those foods and I sure do appreciate feeling better. I am basically a vegan pescatarian.

  • Thank you for the support, Esther. Most people in the healthcare world have blinders on, and think you can only help others by doing what you were taught in school. It is both liberating and frustrating to be breaking out on my own path. (Not totally my own. My wife is right beside me on this.) One of the reasons I gravitated here. I needed to find that “inner strength” to do this in the face of rejection by the people I had worked with for decades.

  • So MY DOCTOR wants me to eliminate lots of food temporarily to see if there are any sensitivities. I am being forced into basically a Keto/Paleo diet, so I will be doing a lot of proteins and veggies. The GREAT news is that we went fishing in Alaska a couple months ago, and I have a freezer full of halibut and Rock Fish, so “odd Dirk” will be getting creative with fish!

  • Dirk, I actually really enjoyed reading your “odd” professional history part. Working in healthcare myself, I can totally understand your perspective and I’m so happy for the course you have taken. As a result, you are able to enjoy and help so many people in a way no one else can do. Thank you for your service!

  • celebrating your ‘odd’ Dirk & wondering (looking forward to reading about it too) what you’ll be cooking up during your 6month MKE adventure 🙂

  • We’ll have to start calling you Chef Ramsey the Second, Dirk. Good job getting your “About me” blog in on time! 🙂

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