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Hello Everybody, You’re Awesome!! Lets Get Right To It!

I Am Chris Morrow, Pushin’ 42 Years Young, Red, Father, Husband, Employed, Homeowner, International Man Of Action (Just Kidding, But Would You Have Caught That If I Didn’t Point It Out?) And Excited, Grateful Student/Member Of The Master Key Experience!!

Introducing First Miyako Jade Morrow!! My Daughter Is The Most Amazing Almost 5 Year Old Little Girl You Could Ever Meet!! Intelligent, Creative, Fiery, Outgoing, Encouraging, Helpful, And Incredibly Loving To Everyone She Meets!! I Am Utterly Astonished, Wondering, “Where Did She Learn All That??” No Doubt She Is Her Mother’s Daughter!!

Introducing Next My Incredible, Feisty, Intelligent, Talented, Tattoo Covered, Rude, Slightly Toxic, Slightly More Violent, Quick Tempered, Deadly Gorgeous, Filipina, 4’10”, 110lbs, With An Ego The Size Of The Moon!! Despite Our Ups And Downs Still One Of The Coolest And Most Amazing People I Have Ever Known, My Fantabulous Wife, Jessele!! (Pronounced Giselle) Quite The Handful I Might Add, However She Walks Her Talk And I Love Her For It!! We’ve Known Each Other 9 Years, Been Married For 8.5 Years. Impulsive Much?? Nooooooo……Still Going But…….Never Be In A Hurry To Pick A Life Partner!!! Never!!

Meet Chris Morrow

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  • I really like the way you describe anything and everything, Chris! So unique and clever!! 😉

  • Thanks Chris for telling us about yourself and the two very precious females in your life. I think you need a boy to balance things out…in my opinion. Thanks for getting the “about me” blog posted! 🙂

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