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I am Aubin Katuku. I am originally from Democratic Republic of Congo. I moved to Canada 10 years ago. Back in Congo, I worked as a lawyer and had to relocate with my family because of political issues.

Settling in a foreign country is not easy, especially when you are accompanied with underage children. Everything was different, new way of doing things, new school system, new culture to adapt to, new language. From being a respected lawyer, I found myself loading and offloading trucks for Walmart just to put food on the table for my family. I spent 4 months in their warehouse while taking English classes. It really was a painful period because I didn’t like anything about that job. I was mentally down.

At the end of my English classes, I was offered to work as a Settlement and Orientation Counsellor for a Francophone Non-Profit Organization. This was a better job. The salary was not what I wanted but being able to help struggling newcomers gave me much joy.

In 2016, the government decided to stop funding this organization, sending everyone out of work. I took that as a sign to start something of my own. I tried every business I could find, from affiliate marketing, ecommerce, real estate, amazon FBA…nothing seemed to work. I took countless online courses, joined many programs, and bought all kind of software. I went on to becoming a certified life coach just to understand that the problem might be with my intern blueprint. From there I started studying everything I could find on the mind. Being invited to join MKE was in itself a breakthrough for me.

Today, I own a marketing agency with expertise on display ads and reputation marketing.

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  • Thank you for sharing so openly about your life and story, Aubin! I’ve been working with immigrants in Sweden that have fled their countries due to political issues, helping them to build new lives for themselves, so your story made many memories come to my mind.
    I have noticed that the MKE seems to have an ability to show up exactly in the perfect time for people that are ready to do this marvelous journey.

  • Congratulations on your fortitude to keep going. Your journey is remarkable, and it is said that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. You are certainly doing that!!

  • Aubin, thanks for sharing your biography with us. I can relate to having been born in a foreign country and having to learn the different lifestyles and different ways of doing things and the language that although used in school is still foreign and hard to grasp. Congratulations on finding and being part of the MKE. It is providence that you are here. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of you. Keep up the great work and looking forward to seeing you shine your light brightly.

  • Aubin, thank you for sharing your life journey. I’m so glad that you have joined this MKE journey which definitely in line with what you’ve working on and searching. Welcome!

  • Congratulations for what you have accomplished for you and your family. Looking forward to your journey with MKE. We are here with you.

  • Wow Aubin,
    Thanks for sharing a bit about your Journey with us. The Master Key always seems to present itself when we are looking just for it. This will be a power experience.

  • Thanks, for sharing your story and your journey, Aubin. How courageous you are! You recognize your value and let nothing stand in your way.

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