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I am your friendly “Maori-American” trauma informed eating disorder therapist surfing Aotearoa New Zealand from a cute little van name Miku. I am passionate about regenerating land claimed by hooves, eliminating plastic from the ocean, and empowering and appreciating all people.

My mom was an American cheerleader hitch hiking around the Pacific rim with her sister. My dad was one of the Maori rafting guides who picked them up on the way to the beach.

Shortly after I was born about two years later on a piece of my father’s ancestral land in New Zealand, my mother brought me back to Maine, USA to raise me with her sister, mother, grandmother, aunts, and cousins.

I excelled in school academically and artistically, only being expelled for lighting a Gap shirt on fire in protest of child labour once. In high school I raised money for a Tibetan refugee school, led the Amnesty International group, won various national awards for my paintings, discovered I was really good at rugby, and took 8 years of bellydance classes.

After school I travelled to South America to live with an indigenous tribe in the middle of the Amazon where I almost died from some sort of mysterious illness but was miraculously cured by the Shaman from even deeper in the jungle.

I completed my Bachelor of Arts at Otago University in New Zealand, studying design, permaculture, and volunteering with various environmental groups. In my final year of university I studied abroad in England, travelled throughout Europe, and started a non-profit organization called Koha Aotearoa.

When I returned to New Zealand I spent time on my grandmother’s ancestral farm with my dad, learning how to weave and carve from the neighbors and how to surf, dive and hunt from my dad.

I returned to Maine to complete my Master of Integrated Community and Clinical Social Work, serving as the school senator, volunteering at the local jail and hospital, and interning at two local schools.

After graduation I moved to New York City where I worked as a trauma therapist for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence and as an eating disorder meal support specialist.

When COVID hit I moved home to New Zealand, bought a van and began to work remotely while surfing, skating, and snowboarding my way around the country.

Now that I have some stability, spare time, and energy, I am directing my extra efforts into developing software that will make regenerating our land into life-sustaining gardens as easy as possible.

Looking forward to connecting!

Meet Aschel Gregory

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  • Wow, Aschel, I think you have lived several lives in only one lifetime with everything you already have done and experienced. I’m happy you are here now with us in the MKE.

  • Thanks, Aschel, for sharing your story. What a wonderfully full life you have led. Grateful you are here.

  • Wow, Aschel! Thanks for sharing your biography with all of us. Thanks also for giving us an insight about you. Keep up the great work.

  • Aschel, wow, what a life journey you’ve had, all over several continent. I’m sure you have so much to give to this world and people around and beyond. I’m so glad you have joined this amazing MKE community and excited to see how this journey will enrich your life beyond your imagination!

  • I’m in awe! Aschel, such a joy to read this and feel your passion, capability and commitment.

  • Aschel, that’s quite an “About me” blog you’ve created! Congrats, on getting it in on time! 🙂

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