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I lived in the Midwest for all of my six decades. I was born in St. Louis and then we moved to Kansas City when I was 15. I was raised in Overland Park, KS and went to 2 of our state schools, KSU and KU. I graduated with a degree in Physical Therapy from Kansas University Medical Center. I was married at 24, right after I graduated from PT school.

I had my first child at 26 and then had 2 more by the time I was 30. I had 3 miscarriages and a full term still born son before I gave birth to our last child at 36. We have 4 living children and they are all grown and have left the nest. Each one of them is married and we have 2 grandsons and one on the way. My children live all over the country; Montana, Texas, South Carolina and right here in KC.

I have a strong faith in Jesus Christ and I’m very involved in discipleship and mentorship with anyone who is interested in growing! We are passionate about Orphans, Adoption and Pro-Life issues. We are currently in a stage of development working towards starting a Micro Church in our home. We have had a very active prayer group in our home for the last 2 ½ years. We have loved every minute of it!

I’m also very passionate about health and wellness. I love teaching people how to make lifestyle changes that help them to feel fantastic and to live their best lives. I have a home based business that gives me a platform on which to share this amazing experience of thriving in health with others.

I’m excited to grow and learn how to live my best life and to increase my potential with the Master Key Experience. I’m grateful to God and the leaders of this program for being willing to pour into us.

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