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I am many things to many people, and I have had many life experiences, some are more significant than others. My favorite roles are that of Mother, wife and friend. My favorite activities in life are spending time with friends and family, being creative (usually through painting), reading and just about anything I can do with my husband. Greg and I get to work together and I cherish the blessed life that we have.

My careers have been less planned events and more like the results of choices I made in response to my life goals at the time. I joined the Army National Guard 25th Army Band in High School because I thought it would be amazing to get paid to play music.

Once I started college, music didn’t seem like a profession that would finance my goals, so I dropped out and began working in a pharmacy. My boss told me to get a degree in “something”, so I became a pharmacist. I knew as a pharmacist I could support my family independently of my husband. Once I spent 20+ years working nights/weekends, missing family events and becoming dangerously close to burnout, I became a Financial Advisor where I could work with my husband and have more control over my time and my money.

Lastly, although my careers and my children have been my largest pieces of my identity, recently I have been discovering myself on a more spiritual level and I’ve realized I am funny, goofy, passionate, caring, helpful, relentless, romantic, eclectic and spontaneous lover of people, plants, places, history, and art.

Meet Ann Walls

Mother of five, wife, creative, goofy, passionate person who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Ann loves the color purple and truly loves colors, textures and patterns in general. She comes from a musical and artistic family but chose to follow more analytical careers as a pharmacist and a financial advisor. Ann enjoys people and helping them become the best versions of themselves. As a person with HUGE goals, She enjoys collaborating and masterminding with other positive, passionate people who enjoy creating their lives.

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  • Ann, first I want to thank you for your service. It isn’t about what you did, is more about what you did and for the benefit of the service, your community, and other service members. Second, I appreciate your role as a financial adviser. Most people spend more time planning their vacations than they do planning their retirement years.

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