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What happens when people choose to finally create and live a life they’ve dreamed of? You can experience that right here!  

The members of the 2023 Master Key Experience course committed to sharing their exciting journey with you and encourage you to launch your own. Join us here every week as we share insights, joys and challenges.  

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Ready to leave their lives of quiet desperation, members of this special class started an exciting journey toward self-discovery… toward finding and manifesting a life of bliss.

These brave souls applied for a pre-paid scholarship to the only program with verifiable proof 92% of the members are happier, healthier and even wealthier than when they started the course...

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April 11, 2023

The big news today is the major business obstacle I previously mentioned reversed and came into agreement today (insert cheers and rejoicing here!) and I immediately began pursuing funding

MKE Continuation – Week 26 Moving Forward, Think and Grow Rich, and Franklin Redux

April 4, 2023

After 24 weeks my new journey begins now…… I have never spent 6 months, at any point in my life, living backwards while unwinding & unlearning how I was

My new journey begins

April 1, 2023

I never heard of MKE (Master Key Experience) until a very good friend, Shirley Koritnik, shall I say pushed me” to sign up. When I paid my dollar I

MKE Continuation – Reflections on My MKE Experience

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Our MKE Staff is committed to help you succeed effortlessly on your journey of self-discovery.  We share a variety of professional disciplines and personal backgrounds, all working together in peaceful harmony to ensure your Master Key Experience is the best possible adventure for you.  

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Georgina Gavin

It tested my grit - made me get out of my comfort zone!

It has opened up my mind to finding Me! Who I am & what I really want! It was hard at times and took dedication, but brought me happiness & showed me how to go for my purpose & achieve it! Nothing else like it on this planet ! It was an emotional marathon! Have you got the guts to do it? MKE will be a discovery of yourself & your purpose it will scare you, and you will need grit!

derwyne brown

My transformation was worth all the exercises and work!

I am so excited for all these tools because they were the compass that led me to manifest these portions of my DMP.  One of the high points of my experience is my completion of 365 days of yoga in 2019. I now know how to create a habit. The Law of Least effort has helped me out of many ditches. I am on the way to my achieve my first financial goal in my DMP! Which I believe I will manifest before the end of this session of the MKE. Stay tuned. I am happy and grateful! 

maria lieteau

Before this course - I lacked confidence in myself, focus and determination.

I was a bike commuter had no car, I was at the mercy of rising rents but I had a desire to get back to singing because it lifts my spirit. So I focused on that. I almost quit several times - but I buckled down to complete the course. Around week 15 , things started to click and started changing in my life and for me, these were monumental changes.

Today - I have a singing engagement at a local restaurant, I bought a car and I bought a condo... and I know whatever I set my mind to can be accomplished because I have the confidence in myself to believe I can do the things I want to do in my life. No exceptions!

Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions

Why do the members write a blog every week?

Journaling is one of the many tools taught in the MKE to help ensure members establish successful habits.  The founders have solid proof there is a difference in success between those who journal and those who don’t. 

What topics are the class writing about?

Members will share portions of what they learn, their experiences as they integrate the material and other stories relevant to their experience.

What is the Master Key Experience?

You can read more on this question on our About Page.

How much does the class cost?

You can’t pay for the class.  You must apply for a scholarship by completing an application and paying $1.  That’s right, only $1.  Scholarships are paid for by the previous class.  Should your class choose to pay it forward in the class’s tradition, collections are less than a purchased coffee drink a day.

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